reproduction, biopower, and capital

[for Balibar] Foucault’s argument against the repressive hypothesis is designed to show that capitalism is not necessarily repressive of sexuality, contra Freudo-Marxism in the manner of Reich. But then, why would we be worried about the extent of sexuality’s repression? As Foucault’s own argument runs, sexuality as an object of discursive practices is a rather recent phenomenon, […]

ode to ontological nihilism

Witness the assertion of transcendence in the twenty-first century. Since the first rumblings of the collapse of divine transcendence, which led inexorably to the antinomical postulates of God’s non-omniscience, non-omnipotence, and non-benevolence – undoing the divine from within – the movement of thought has  increasingly proceeded along an absolutely immanent trajectory. Anything less is the […]

right ideal, or power and its double

‘Right’ signifies power and its justification, or power and its legitimacy. This is why the discourse of rights, as political theory, is essentially idealist: idealism is characteristically conservative both politically (we have the right to this power) and epistemologically (we have the right to this knowledge). To these, materialism opposes ethics (constitution and cultivation of new […]

miracles and the logic of arrogation

“We need a radically negative anthropology, we need a few abstractions that are just empty enough, just transparent enough to prevent our usual prejudices, a physics that holds in store, for each being, its disposition towards the miraculous.” The early modern period of western philosophy, which begins with the Cartesian moment and terminates in the publication of […]